Lens On A Life

Completed in less then 10 hours from start to final mix, “Lens On A Life” tells the story about a group of photographers with the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” organization who take baby pictures, but not your normal baby pictures. As someone who was born premature, putting this story together makes me wonder what my parents would have done had I not survived birth. It’s touching and sad all at the same time.

It’s always nice to be requested for a story. I got an email from Marilyn Deutsch letting me know that she’d requested me to edit this “very sensitive story.” The email subject alluded to the poem, “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” and I was intrigued from the get go. When I started working on it, I wasn’t really sure what direction it was going to go, but lucky for me, there was plenty of video and images to work with. And of course, once again, I asked Alex Bornstein to score it.

Enjoy…but you might need tissues.

KPTV Sports Upfront

When my pal Matt Boudia from Creative Services asked me to spear head this one for our Upfront Presentation to clients, I had no clue what it was going to be. I thought: “Ok, clients to impress. Make it kick ass..GO!” Basically the same approach I used for some of my Nike videos. The original cut was simply an idea I was playing around with and it turned out that everyone loved the direction. I tweaked it and mixed in some nats and track with the music and everyone loved it more. It’s not bad considering it was about 11-12 hours of work. Enjoy!

Editor: Brian Costa
Producer/Writer: Matt Boudia

Liam’s $6 Dollar Club

Winner: “Best Single News Story” from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters for 2011!

Completed in about 11 hours from start to final mix, it tells the story of six year old Liam Jaussi. A cancer survivor who is now fundraising for the hospital that saved his life.

I knew this kid was special when he started humming the “Ark Theme” from “Raders.” (He then went into the “Star Wars Main Title.”) As a film score enthusiast, I had to make this story extra special. Luckily for me, the photographer, Pete had shot about 55 minutes of b-roll and Marilyn, the producer and writer, had written an almost four minute script. Lots of Chris Bacon (and a little James Horner) editing background music later, I knew I wanted some piano music to score this story. My good friend and fellow film score pal Alex Bornstein stepped in and delivered a very simple and tender theme for Liam that makes the piece that much more complete.

It’s stories like this that make me smile.


I’ve been wanting to do a music video for “Bolt” for a while now. Since I needed fresh content for my reel, it worked out perfectly. This was cut from start to finish in 1080p/ProRes 422 using Final Cut Pro. It really is a total throwback to the videos I used to do way back when. I think it turned out great and I hope you enjoy it!

Soldiers of Necker

This is a trailer for the short film, “Solders of Necker.” The film was written and directed by The Stipek Brothers. I was looking for some fresh editorial content to generate and asked them if I could cut a trailer for their World War II period film. They happily agreed and here’s the final result. The trailer was completed in April 2010. I served as the trailer editor for the project.

A note about the quality: When Jesse gave me the file, the only copy he had was a 16×9 SD Vimeo source. The quality here mirrors their own upload, which sadly, was the only source they had of the original film.

Good Night and Good Luck

Yet another Face to Face story. This time, we were covering an event for the Seattle premiere of Writer/Director George Clooney’s film about Edward R Murrow, “Good Night and Good Luck.” While Clooney was not in attendance, the late Milo Radulovich and Casey Murrow were! I served as the editor on this project. Nick Winters serves as DP and Matthew Blythe produced.