Ghost Stories

Face to Face was a WSU student produced magazine show. I came aboard as an editor during its second season. In this October segment, we talk about the ghosts that supposedly haunt the campus. I served as the editor for the project.

Cable 8 Productions

This was created using Avid, Final Cut and Motion. The challenge was not only hammering something out in a day, but something that was fun and energetic. The “real” challenge was moving from platform to platform and making sure the Apps and Assets played nice. It was a fun adventure that went over really well! In fact, Cable 8 Productions still uses this on their main website for prospective students to view. The opening will look similar to the Avid Case Study that myself and Steve Thorpe also produced. We thought the idea worked well, so we used it here! I served as the director, producer, and editor for the project.

Avid at WSU

In 2005, myself, Steve Thorpe, and Megan Schuyler put this video together to showcase how WSU students were utilizing Avid technologies in their education and preparation for real world experience. The video was showcased at NAB/BEA in 2005 and Avid liked the video so much they even posted it on their corporate web site. The quality is not the best because somewhere along the line, our Avid Unity ate the files! This was ripped from a DVD source that we had. I served as a co-editor and music and sound mixer for the project.

First Light 2002

Back in 2000, I’d produced a video for my local Crew team. It was such a hit that I came back twice more to produce them. This opening credit sequence was from the final one. I served as the director, producer, editor and Co-DP for the project.