The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert, LA

by Brian | Oct 27, 2011

Howdy everyone!

This past week, my newest Top Secret project hit LA, JMP Productions and Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert!” And if you attended, you know it was a smashing success! Hosted in the beautiful Pantages Theatre in downtown LA, the concert showcased 25 years of music from the series. To fan delight, composer Kondo-san and longtime series Producer Aonuma-san were also in attendance with Aonuma-san introducing, and Kondo-san making a surprise entrance for the first encore, a piano performance of “Grandma’s Theme” from “The Wind Waker.” For my part, I was involved with editing the on-screen video and served as a production assistant. It was a magical night, and a huge thanks for everyone at JMP Productons, Nintendo, and especially, Kondo-san and Aonuma-san!