Hello, I'm Brian!

Film and Video Editor + Digital Media and Production Alchemist + Technologist

Howdy World!

Born and raised in Washington state, I’ve always had a passion for anything with a blinking light, that is to say any piece of technological equipment. I’ve kept myself “plugged in” throughout the years and grew up with it. While technology always held my interest, filmmaking and storytelling was also something always on my mind.

Many of the early films of Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemecks, George Lucas, Joe Dante, and animator Don Bluth fueled my imagination growing up, but the filmmaking bug didn’t hit me until high school. It was during those times that I discovered my love of film editing and writing (film scripts, short stories and film score/soundtrack reviews). Meshing those with my love of all things technological, I’d found the place where I knew I belonged.

Starting my production career in high school and sharpening those skills during my time at Bellevue College, my focus expanded into other areas when I attended Washington State University. During my time at WSU, I became involved with Cable 8 Productions. Working with the students there, I not only wore my editing and writing hats, but my talents grew in other areas including: photographer, project management, project coordination (and equipment setup) for PSAs, commercials, short films, live events and video promotion materials. If anything, my time at WSU gave me a more rounded tool belt.

I’ve gotten to work (and still do) with some great teams of people over the years, including Apogee Entertainment, Nintendo, Nike, Inc., Trico Films, and PBS affiliate, KWSU, now NWPTV, where I earned an Emmy Nomination for “World War II – Our Neighbors’ Stories”, a web series about World War II veterans of the Inland Northwest. In addition, I’ve also been responsible for laying the groundwork for a media asset backup workflows for KXLY TV in Spokane, WA and assisting with managing media asset frameworks at both Washington State, and KXLY TV. A lot of these jobs have also been in addition to my editing duties. I always love a good challenge.

I currently live and freelance in the greater Portland area.

Thanks so much for visiting! And by all means, shoot me an email: brian [at] briancosta.com and say hi! 🙂


PS: If you’re wondering, Feri Gonzalez drew my avatar. 🙂