Ditching Facebook (or, How You Too Can Find Sanity In The Modern World)

by Brian | May 27, 2013

I’m not the first person to do this, nor will I be the last.

After my good friend Jeron stepped away from Facebook a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about doing the same thing. Not that it hasn’t been on my mind over the recent months, but June seems to be shaping up as the month to get a few things done! (Cutting out my sugar intake and getting back on the gym bandwagon are some others!) Not that I don’t love keeping up with my friends and family, and posting the latest Apple or movie news, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a little breather.

But, fear not! I’m not cutting off ALL social networking. I’ll still be very much around. You’ll be able to find me on the following: Twitter, Google Hangouts, ADN, Instagram, and Path. Not to mention my website, AIM, Skype (sometimes), email and you know, an old fashioned phone call (or text!) All of my contact info is current in my profile. PM me if you are looking for more specific bits of information.

So, you could call this a countdown of sorts. June 1st is the cut off date. This gives everyone plenty of time to get in touch with me on the other networks I’ve mentioned if you wish. My account will remain active for a few reasons, but don’t expect replies to messages and such as it will not be installed on my phone nor will I be accessing it from browsers and what have you.

I’ll be back at some point before and during PAXPrime for sure 🙂