Kicking off “Symphony of the Goddesses!”

by Brian | Jan 31, 2012

After the smash hit that was “The 25th Anniversary” concerts, producer Jeron Moore and Music Director Chad Seiter wanted to expand their vision for the project and tell the story of Link, Zelda, Ganon and the land of Hyrule. But at the same time, deliver a musical experience as only fans of the series could deliver. With Nintendo’s blessing, “Symphony of the Goddesses” was born…the first stop, Dallas, TX. Once the Meyerson kicked off its initial sales, legions of fans traded in their rupees for tickets and the first stop on the world map became sold out with in days. If you really wanted a ticket, eBay became your only source. With prices going as high as $400.

I was lucky enough to get some time off and attend the concert. No way I’d miss this! Not to mention there’s something about seeing your work in front of a real audience you know? Together with Eric Buchholz and David Ramos, I spent most of the day helping out producers Jeron Moore and Jason Paul, and Meyerson team with whatever needed to be done. Our off time was spent listening to the orchestra rehearsal who was under the watchful eye of Music Director Chad Seiter and Conductor Eímear Noone.

As the public began to file in, we three all dawned our t-shirts and armed with my iPhone, went to talk to the masses. Needless to say, we met some really cool fans, and of course, everyone was excited about the concert. We saw a few “25th Anniversary” t-shirts running around, but on the whole, for most of the people there, this would be their first “Zelda” concert…and for some, their first symphony performance! It was really fun to watch your traditional symphony-goer, your average symphony-goer, little kids with families and cosplayers…all in one room, having a good time! It’s really great to see the meshing that happens. Everyone is there for the music. It’s kind of…dare I say…magical.

As one of the editors for the project, I’d been living with the video and music for a while now. There’s nothing I love more than to see an audience simply loose themselves in the performances and visuals. To completely let go and surrender to their love of something. I saw it with “PLAY!,” “The 25th Anniversary,” and now of course with “Symphony of the Goddesses.” It was for all intents and purposes a flawless show. And by the end, more than a few fans were crying on their way out…but everyone was in good spirits and I bet we’ll see some repeat attendees!

What’s great about all of this, is that in the end people come because they love the symphony, “Zelda” or both. Music drives everything. And what’s special about “Symphony of the Goddesses” is that you’re treated to a very special story that’s tightly integrated with the performance and the visuals. A first for a concert series like this. It’s very special and unique. I’d encourage you all to see it when it happens to visit you! I promise…you’ll not be disappointed!